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KANTAURI - Isaías Cruz


KANTAURI - Isaías Cruz
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Mako Pako - Snorkel con tiburones en el Cantábrico.


MAKO PAKO is the first tour-operator in Spain and also in continental Europe that brings the open water environment closer to the public.

An environment that encompasses various ecosystems where processes that are related to life on land take place. The aim is to raise awareness of the environment and the fauna, bringing them closer to the general public and transmitting the importance of their care and conservation.

We understand no other way of approaching this project than in an environmentally responsible way, we focus within an ecotourism framework, contributing to conservation, transmitting knowledge, supporting local and national environmental initiatives.

We also work to contribute to the conservation of sharks and adding value to the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, where we are located.

Visit the website if you want to know more.

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Something had to be done, every time I sat in front of the screen and needed to locate some of the thousands of photos I have taken over the last decade of blue sharks, I was always overcome with the worry of losing all that work, after all, we all know that the life of digital files as well as hard drives is limited.

Having spent 10 years searching for and interacting with these animals in the Basque Country, I thought it was a good time not to procrastinate and to recapitulate. I decided to immerse myself for the last time in tens of thousands of photographs, to give physical support to all those that one day I will want to see again, if possible without wasting time looking for the archives. Or that in the event that one day the files disappear, they will be available so that they can be seen again.

With this motivation, I decided to create this photographic book, because it is part of my history and also part of the history of the Cantabrian Sea. A unique edition of 80 units for those who value this work and these photographs.