Isaias Cruz

Isaías Cruz is a guide and diving instructor specialised in sharks with 15 years of experience in contact with these animals and more than 10 years working with blue sharks in Spain through the tour operator MAKO PAKO. Simultaneously to his activity as a guide he has developed professionally underwater as a photographer and videographer since he started diving in 2016 as the camera is part of his basic equipment, having obtained several awards in these areas.

He lives in Pamplona, and his main field of work is the Basque coast of the Cantabrian Sea, which he knows in depth and is where he spends most of his time throughout the year filming the fauna and stories that occur there. Thus, the environments and fauna of temperate waters are his favourites, with great experience in open waters. Even so, he makes several trips every year to different parts of the world and has travelled from the arctic waters of Alaska to tropical locations such as Zanzibar.

Thanks to his experience, he also works as a videographer and travel coordinator for La Plataforma Del Buceo, a travel agency specializing in diving trips, who have placed their trust in him to lead trips with clients and make audiovisual reports of the different destinations to which they travel.

Likewise, from 2018 to the present, he has been serving audiovisual production companies providing coverage for underwater filming and aerial filming with drones, having participated in the production of commercial videos, documentaries and television programmes.
Between 2020 and 2023, Isaías has been working as director, director of photography and underwater cameraman on the film «Kantauri», produced by 601 productions and Dibulitoon.

Isaías Cruz


  • “Underwater Photographer Of The Year 2024” Honourable Mention, Wide Angle category.
  • “Ocean Geographic, Pictures of the year 2022” finalist in the «Open Water» category
  • Ciclo Cine Submarino de San Sebastián CIMASUB 2021, Prize ORAIN GIPUZKOA, Best photo gallery of the Cantabrian Sea.
  • “Underwater Photo Marathon 2021” 10th place «Wide» category with compact camera.
  • “Underwater Photo Marathon 2021” 2nd place “Fish” category with DSLR camera.
  • “Underwater Photo Marathon 2021” 2nd place “Fish” category with compact camera.
  • “Ocean Geographic, Pictures of the year 2021” 1st place “Portraits”.
  • “Ocean Geographic, Pictures of the year 2021” 1st place “Black and blue Waters”.
  • BIO PHOTO CONTEST 2021”, Honourable Mention, finalist photo.
  • “Underwater Photographer Of The Year 2021” 3rd place compact category.
  • “Montphoto 2020” Honourable Mention, «Underwater World» category.
  • “Underwater Photo Marathon 2020” Croacia, 1st place photography, compact category.
  • “Underwater Photo Marathon 2020” Croacia, 2nd place for the video «CAILA».
  • International Mountain, Nature and Adventure Photography and Video Competition, MEMORIAL MARIA LUISA 2020, film nominated by «CAILA».
  • Ciclo Cine Submarino de San Sebastián CIMASUB 2019, Prize SUBACUATICAS REAL SOCIEDAD, Best work with ecological denunciation, for «CAILA».
  • Ciclo Cine Submarino de San Sebastián CIMASUB 2018, Prize AQUARIUM DE DONOSTIA, Best video about Cantabrian sea, “EUSKAL URDINA”

Works (Film and TV)

  • Kantauri (2024)
  • Planet Shark (2022)
  • Reino Natura (2021)
  • Ultreia: Camino a Santiago (2021)
  • Onki Xin (2021)
  • Ainarak (2020)
  • La Navaja de Ockham (2019)


For the last 10 years to the present day, I have spent most of my time diving with blue sharks in the waters around my area, having specialised in photographing and filming them, so this will probably be my strongest point.
If you are interested in getting your hands on powerful blue shark images or if you want to photograph or film them yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will know exactly how to help you achieve what you are looking for.