Certified professional drone pilot since 2018, with 8 years of experience in handling and aerial filming. I have serviced several documentary projects, television programmes and commercials.

My work stands out for my skill and experience in handling and filming dynamic shots, always paying special attention to finding the most creative composition and maintaining the most appropriate framing throughout the shoot. With safety as a priority, I operate my flights in accordance with the specific regulations of each location and with the utmost care.

Certificates STS 01, STS 02, A1, A3.


Today we have the advantage of being able to count on high quality and lightweight equipment, which provides efficiency and excellence in audiovisual production without compromising the result. The lightness of this equipment facilitates work in all areas and opens the way to explore new creative possibilities by seeking new perspectives and angles. The image quality of this equipment ensures exceptional results and covers all needs.




Sony 16-35mm 4
Sony 24-105 G OSS /4
Sony 28-70 /3.5-5.6
Sony 70-300 G OSS /4.5-5.6
Sony 90 macro G OSS /2.8
Canon 8-15 /4


DJI mini 3 PRO
DJI air 2


X2 Supe 6k PRO 12.000


Give your project high quality underwater images!

Capturing the hidden beauty underwater to bring you stunning and unique images. Whether for documentaries, advertising, promotional videos or simply to capture unforgettable moments, always ready to record the inaccessible.

  • Extensive experience in underwater filming.
  • Exceptional results in any underwater environment.
  • 4K resolution up to 120fps.
  • Versatility to adapt to your needs.
  • We pay attention and care about the aquatic environment.

Turn your ideas into reality, whether it’s highlighting marine biodiversity or telling captivating stories, get in touch to tell me about your project and ideas!


Looking for high quality visual content for your project? You have the possibility of acquiring our video archives to include them in your production. My video library includes a large archive mainly filmed on the Cantabrian coast, but I also have images of animals and places from different parts of the world.

How does it work?

  • Download my sample images where you can see the archive I have of some subjects. You can use it in your previous assemblies before purchasing the license (the bold is a link to SAMPLE FOOTAGE).
  • Take a look at my image archive where you can see more samples of the images I have by theme (the bold is a link to the reels in the VIDEO section).
  • Get in touch to request more images and to ask for information or enquire about any other archive not listed on the website (bold is link to CONTACT).
  • Select the material and define the use. Once you select the videos you need define the use you will give it, commercial, advertising, editorial, creative project, etc… let me know to know the price.

Why choose a licensed video file?

  • Superior quality: The work is already done with all the care to offer the best quality.
  • Time saving: You don’t have to dedicate days and effort of your project to this part of the work because it has already been done before.
  • Thematic variety: You can add underwater, aerial or terrestrial images that you didn’t contemplate before thanks to the variety of video resources available.
  • Flexible licensing: I tailor licensing to suit your specific requirements, for the peace of mind of legal and ethical use of content.

Transform your content with unique and captivating imagery, take your visual project to the next level. Don’t hesitate to contact me.


The content of the website is updated periodically with new content showing new places, species, etc.. However, what is shown on the website is only a small part of the images that are being added to the total archive.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to consult about specific works, or if you want to know more about the available material that is not shown on the web.